November 4th, 2020


Porch Repairs and Painting (South Half)

We have only a couple of days of good weather before a cold snap and possibly even snow comes in, so Lisa prioritized the front porch work. While prepping the porch for application of Sherwin-Williams "Fireweed Red" porch and surface paint, she noticed that some of the boards on the south steps of the porch were coming loose. Further investigation shows that the screws wouldn't hold anymore, and that the boards were closer to failure than she would have liked. Therefore, yesterday we went to Lowe's and bought two pieces of 2" x 6" x 8' pressure-treated boards. These cost more than ordinary lumber, but they last much longer. Also, 8' is the longest board we can fit inside the minivan, but that's okay, because the porch steps are less than four feet wide. Photos follow, and as usual, you can click through them to see additional pictures I took of the process.

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Lisa ran out of wood screws part way through the process, so we had to run to Lowe's to buy more. She spent the early afternoon securing the boards and also replacing screws in boards that aren't being replaced, but whose wood screws had worked their way loose. Lisa drilled new holes and drove new screws so the porch boards don't flex quite as much as they did.

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Lisa got a whole bunch accomplished today. If all goes as planned, we should be able to get the small porchtop wood box into place before the snow arrives. The place where that box sits during the cold months (at left in the last photo above) is where I've been sitting to watch the birds and bunnies (and chipmunks) in the adjoining lot.