November 8th, 2020

Snow Day

First Snow

Yesterday afternoon, I ran out to buy some perishables that we hadn't bought on our Friday shopping expedition, as the weather forecast was for snow. Some snow started falling as I was coming out of the store, but it faded and did not come back until late Saturday night.

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After getting dressed, I swept the porch and part of the front walk (the porch paint seems to be holding up okay despite only having had a couple of days to cure) so that I could get more firewood from the main box and go put out more birdseed. By noon, with the sun out and the temperature edging toward today's forecast high of +3° C, much of the snow had started to melt.

The next few days are forecast to be very cold, so icy walks are a concern. There is also some chance of snow later in the week. As I've said before, we don't get a whole lot of snow here because most of it drops in the Sierra Nevada (chain controls are still up over Donner Summit as I write this), and the snow rarely sticks around much. Nevertheless, I'm happy to hole up at home and stay warm.

I did put the flags back up this morning, having taken them down in anticipation of last night's storm. I'm still happy to once again be able to take some pride in my country.