November 10th, 2020


SMOFCon 37 1/4

As we announced as part of "Operation Leapfrog" with SMOFCon 38 Montreal, Canada being postponed to 2022 and SMOFCon 39 Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal being scheduled for 2021, the two SMOFCons today announced a "mini-SMOFCon" to be called "SMOFCon 37 1/4." This will be a one-day virtual convention held via Zoom and running from 08:00-23:59 Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) on Saturday, December 5, 2020. There will be a virtual con suite (with breakout rooms) and a single track of programming consisting of Question Time for bids for future Worldcons, the two seated Worldcons, the two seated SMOFCons and bids for future SMOFCons, a "CoNZealand Chairs Chat" to discuss the 2020 Worldcon, and finally, a panel on "Pivoting to a virtual convention and best practices."

SMOFCon 37 1/4 is a joint presentation of SMOFCons 38 and 39, and, somewhat to my surprise, I found myself (as a CanSMOF director) invited to be part of the mini-convention's steering committee. I've been meeting with the other members of the group every week or two for the past couple of months ever since we announced "Operation Leapfrog" and have had some part of organizing it. This included posting announcements to the SMOFS and SMOFCon e-mail lists this afternoon. Unfortunately, I haven't seen my posts go up yet even though I posted them two hours ago as I composed this message. I hope they post eventually!

Membership in SMOFCon 37 1/4 is free, but advance registration is required. Register for the convention and check out the schedule at the SMOFCon 37 1/4 web site.

It looks like December 5 is going to be a rather long day for me, but I won't be traveling far. fortunately, the Con Suite opens about the time I go to work on an ordinary working day, so I won't be terribly disoriented.

Update: The message I posted to the lists just before 2 PM finally posted at 4:30 PM.
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