November 13th, 2020



I wish I'd taken my phone with me when I went out to fill the bird feeder this morning. The sun was rising, but because of clouds on the eastern horizon, there was a stripe of sunshine on the Pah Rah Mountains that I found very striking. Unfortunately, by the time I could fetch the phone and its camera, the clouds and light had shifted and it was too late.

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Speaking of clouds, a storm is moving this way, and the wind came up pretty heavy this afternoon. It was not a day for going outside, so Lisa put on her coveralls and went down into the crawlspace to install more wiring. When she replaced the defective telephone lines a few weeks ago, she ran the lines from the utility connection to the wiring closet. Today, she ran a phone line connection back into the living room to near where the original phone connection was. So we once again have a telephone in the living room. Nearly every call on the land line is a telemarketer, though.

There are more wires to go, and more insulation to do. Lisa will work on them as her energy permits. Crawling around under the house like that is very tiring. But we're glad she has the respirator and other protective gear for working there.