November 20th, 2020



As I had Friday off, Lisa and I risked another trip to Reno to do the rest of the shopping. Unlike the previous Friday run to Reno, which took close to eight hours, we were only in Reno about five hours, but it was still stressful and tiring. We filled up the minivan with lots of groceries. The goal is for us to be able to stay home for Thanksgiving and for at least the two weeks after that. We expect that people ignoring advice to stay isolated will engage in lots of super-spreader events that assure that many of their family they gathered with at Thanksgiving won't be here by next Thanksgiving.

As I've said before and will continue to say, to some extent I do not care if other people engage in suicidal behavior. What does bother me mightily is their insistence that their freedom includes the freedom to try and take me with them. If their idiocy didn't endanger my life and the lives of people about whom I care, I'd encourage the idiots to go forth and earn their Darwin Awards, doing their part to increase the aggregate intelligence of the human race.