December 1st, 2020

Let's Split

Logging Out

Lisa hitched up the utility trailer yesterday evening, and this afternoon we drove the short distance to Big R and bought a pallet of firewood. It turned out to be Pres-To-Logs after all, and they had to call the manager to sort it out. I also bought two more bags of birdseed while I was there. At the moment, I'd prefer to not have to go in there again for a while, but it's not exactly clear how long a pallet of the logs lasts. Of course, much of it is variable with how cold it gets.

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The North Idaho logs are about 140% the size of the Pres-To-Logs, but the pallets are roughly the same total size and weight, and they seem to contain roughly the same calorific content, so they are broadly comparable. However, I do prefer the larger logs and would buy them if it were easier to get them.