December 6th, 2020

Kreegah Bundalo

Recovering from SMOFCon

For all that I spent all of SMOFCon basically sat in my work chair at my desk, I feel pretty worn out today. Even at the Day Jobbe, I rarely spend more than 12 hours working, whereas yesterday was sixteen hours. I shouldn't complain. Jannie Shea, who managed the program items within Zoom as well as having to deal with various technical issues along the way, plus representing SMOFCon 38/Montreal 2022, worked harder than I did. But I'm tired, even after sleeping for more than ten hours, and I hope that I can get to bed early tonight as I have to get back onto a work routine for Monday morning.

Recordings of SMOFCon panels will eventually be posted to the SMOFCon 37.25 YouTube channel. (YouTube won't allow "37 1/4" in a channel name.)
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