Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I did watch the Big Game, and was, like many, surprised by how one-sided it was. I couldn't really get into it, having no dog in the fight, but as I don't have television and am not paying for any of the services that would get me the various cable sports services, this was the only gridiron game I saw all season.

Of more interest to me is that the COVID-delayed Australian Open tennis tournament started today (Monday morning Melbourne time), and much of it is available for free on ESPN3, so I'll get a chance to watch some tennis. Some of it is more likely to be on replay, sitting over on my personal computer in the background while I do my Day Jobbe; however, since we upgraded to much better internet connectivity last year, I have enough bandwidth to do so.
Tags: australian open, football, super bowl, tennis

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