January 9th, 2021

Kevin and Lisa


This afternoon, we put the repaired tire back onto the Astro.

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After getting the tire back in place, Lisa helped me crank the mini-spare back into its space under the rear of the van and to stow the jack and related tools. The mini-spare probably should be replaced. It's original equipment and thus more than thirty years old. I've used it (as I recall) four times, always for short distances at relatively low speeds, but the sidewalls on the tire are cracked. Also, the van needs brake service. So when we find it convenient to do so, we'll crank the mini-spare out again and take the minivan back to Big O for brake service and to have the mini-spare replaced. After all, we hope to be able to take road trips again someday, and in case of another flat, we want the mini-spare to be up to spec.