January 14th, 2021


Back in Business

I got word from my employer's Purchasing department late today that I should go have my phone repaired locally (and that I could expense it), as they would not replace the phone on account of it was less than two years old. So Lisa and I headed into Sparks and I left the company iPhone at the Batteries Plus where I had the screen on my Android replaced a few months ago. They said it might take several hours to replace the shattered screen, and due to the amount of damage, they couldn't guarantee that the camera or any buttons on the phone would work. Lisa and I headed off to do some grocery shopping. As we were heading from our first to our second shop (and while still in Sparks), they called and said the phone was ready.

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Lisa and I went to do the second errand — she's making me a holder for the phone that should be less susceptible to popping off my belt the way the old one was, and wanted to get supplies for it — but then we decided to go home rather than do a full slate of grocery shopping. We'll probably go back tomorrow after work.

I was able to work around most of the things for which I needed my phone, mostly having to do with 2FA security for the company's applications I use, but I'm sure glad they let me get it fixed now rather than having to wait ages for a replacement.