January 23rd, 2021

Snow Day

Actual Snow

No, we didn't win the lottery last night. Indeed, no ticket got more than one hit, and therefore we don't need to go back and try to collect even a small win, because there were none. One person back east had lightning strike. Sorry, no chances to ride in our private railroad car as we tour the country.

After a series of absurdly warm-by-local-winter standards, the first of a projected series of snow storms passed over us last night.

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This snow turned out to be the fluffy low-moisture type that made sweeping the porch and clearing the walk relatively easy. This is also the first time this season that I made use of the snow shovel. Although the sky remained clouded and little bits of snow fell off and on throughout the day, air temperatures remained mostly above freezing, so not only did the walks stay clear, but also quite a bit of the snow in the fields and streets melted.

I had two online meetings today: one was a CanSMOF board meeting (that's this year's World Fantasy Con and next year's SMOFCon in Montreal). The second was an organizational meeting for Westercon 74's Programming team. I did the best that I could to make people familiar with the facilities we have and how they're arranged. The separation between the various spaces means we'll need to allow more time than usual for people to get between them, but this is manageable. All of downtown Tonopah would fit inside the ExCel Convention Center where the 2014 Worldcon was held, but OTOH, that building is huge, and if we had programming at both ends of it, you would have needed extra time to get from place to place.

It would be more helpful if we could hold an on-site meeting so that the people who are going to do the work could see and walk the site; however, that obviously isn't going to happen until more people are vaccinated and it's safe to travel and hold meetings in person again. I'm as anxious as anyone for that to happen, as the Belvada Hotel in Tonopah has opened and I really want to see it, especially after I got to have a "hard hat" tour of the place while they were essentially stripping it down and rebuilding it from the inside out.