January 25th, 2021

Snow Day

Storm Door Open

The snow we had a few days ago melted, but a new storm hit overnight, and if I'm reading the forecast correctly, we have a whole series of storms coming over this week, so it's snowtime!

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I cannot recall having this much snow at once here. When I took the bin out to the side of the road for garbage pickup tomorrow, the snow was up over my ankles and near the top of my boots. Those of you in snowier climates will laugh at me, of course. I don't mind this snow; I just have to work around it. Also, I know how lucky I am to have an work-from-home office job. Over the radio, I could hear the railroad traffic. Drifting snow was preventing remote switches from throwing, slowing down traffic. I hear one of the maintainers telling the dispatcher, "The wind is howling so bad that as as soon as we sweep out a switch, the snow blows right back into it again." And the crews having to switch cars here at Fernley probably aren't having much fun, either.

We expect more snow for the rest of the week. From what I read from the National Weather Service updates, we're subject to "lake effect" snow from Pyramid Lake to the northwest of us. We might end up with a fairly good accumulation here, so it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of any breaks in the weather to make sure we can still move around on the property. And hey, shoveling snow must be pretty good exercise, in lieu of talking long walks around town.