January 26th, 2021

Snow Day

A Break in the Weather

Today we had a break between snowstorms. There is a Winter Weather Warning for an "atmospheric river" storm that includes dire warnings from the National Weather Service for the Sierra Nevada such as "If you aren't at your destination by evening tonight, DO NOT TRAVEL." However, for the few hours of nice weather we had today, I took advantage to tidy up more snowed-in areas and also to run to the grocery store for some perishable items so we don't have to go out for the next few days, as the current forecast calls for snow starting this evening and continuing through Friday morning.

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I was so taken by how nice everything look in the sun-dappled snow, with white from valley floor to peaks in all directions, that I took a short panoramic video from in front of the house.

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Not long after I returned from the store, clouds started moving back in. I swept more snow accumulation from the woodbox and front porch in anticipation of the next storm starting this evening.