January 28th, 2021

Snow Day

Snow: Round 4

Only about 3-4 cm of snow last night, and now it has turned into icy rain, although the forecast is for more snow tonight. I keep an eye on chain conditions over I-80 in the Sierra Nevada because it sometimes gives advance warning of what's headed our way. It looks awful up there. Chain controls stretch for more than fifty miles, and the road has been closed more than once due to spinouts and visibility problems. I'm so glad I have no need to go up there.

Lisa cleared the sidewalks and porch this morning and said I should take a look at the garage eaves today. Instead of a bunch of long icicles, we got a different snow formation.

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When we ordered the kit to build the shelter over the travel trailer, we looked at historical maximum snow accumulations and what we had experienced in the years we'd been living here, then doubled that when ordering the necessary snow loading. Lisa also had us pay extra so that the sheet metal corrugations run from top to bottom of the roof rather than along the length. This is harder to assemble, but it means that snow is much more likely to slide off the roof rather than accumulate. We're now seeing how well the roof holds under what looks to be the largest accumulation we've had since we moved here a decade ago.