January 29th, 2021

Snow Day

Snow: Round 5

The fifth (and per the forecast) final night of snow from this string of storms that came through this week dropped only about 3 cm of snow last night. The clouds cleared and the sun came out, and the conditions were right for another glamor shot of the house.

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You may recall me mentioning odd patterns in the snow on the front porch a couple of days ago. Today I figured out what caused them, in a cold awakening.

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There is potential snow coming sometime next week, but for now we have several clear days coming. That means the folks who have been battling the snow over Donner Summit and on what Union Pacific crews call "The Hill" we have a chance to catch up and maybe get some rest. This afternoon, closures and then chain controls lifted, allowing backed-up lines of big rigs and ordinary motorists to start making their way over the mountain. Fifty-mile chain controls (for smaller vehicles) and closures (for big rigs) are serious business.