January 30th, 2021


Aftermath of the Snow

It turned out to be a lovely clear sunny day in Fernley, so Lisa and I went to get propane. The smaller "reserve" bottle needs to be refilled first so that when the larger one runs out (which it is likely to do soon) there is plenty in reserve. After refilling the bottle, we (as is our common practice, which the folks at Hanneman Service understand) left it off to the side while I went to see about collecting a package that FedEx delivered to the post office for us three days ago. There was no call slip for it the day after the package was delivered, and when I checked at the desk, they told me that they are so short-staffed that they're way behind processing packages. This is what happens when Dear Glorious Orange Leader appoints a toady whose job it is to destroy the postal service. President Biden can only replace people so fast, and sacking the head of the USPS is harder than some positions. It would not surprise me to learn after he's gone that Trumps Toady has a financial stake in businesses that make automation equipment, so the money we have to spend to replace the equipment he ordered scrapped will go into his pocket (possibly with a nice fat kickback to Trump as well). The package still hadn't arrived yesterday.

Today the package actually arrived, and I was able to collect it. The box was a long-delayed Christmas present for [personal profile] travelswithkuma, and you can see it on Kuma's journal.

On the way home, we noted how Imerys Minerals (the diatomaceous-earth processing plant down the street) had cleared the snow from their parking lot and loading docks by piling it across the street and how the melting snow is pooling up to form the intermittent pond we call "Lake Imerys." However, there's now also a new temporary landmark.

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Our sidewalks are all clear (except one spur that I should probably go sweep in case it gets below freezing tonight) and there's plenty of melting snow dripping off the roof. The cornices I photographed over the last few days all gave up the ghost, leaving piles of slowly-melting snow along the edge of the garage.