January 31st, 2021

Fernley House

Accidental Emergency

Yesterday, while helping Lisa unload the newly-filled propane bottle from the hand truck, I bent over awkwardly and heard an odd tone from my mobile phone on my new belt pouch. I didn't pay much attention to this until I got a call on that phone a few minutes later. It was Lyon County Emergency Dispatch saying that they'd gotten an emergency call from that phone. Yikes! Apparently my awkward leaning managed to unlock the emergency call feature on the phone and place a call. I apologized for the accidental call and at their request gave them all of the necessary identifying information.

A little while later, a Lyon County Sheriff's Department deputy came to the door. I donned my mask, opened the door, and the deputy explained that there had been an open 911 call to this address. At first I thought I must have done it again, but checking my phone, I found only the one call. I guess my explanation to the dispatcher was not sufficient, and I explained about the mistake. I also thanked the deputy for wearing a face covering, and pointed out how many emergency services people I've seen not doing so. I hope that makes a difference, especially around these deep-red, science-denying, masks-are-for-losers parts of Nevada.
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