February 12th, 2021

SMOF License

Frustrating Day

I tried watching the defense phase of the Second Trump Impeachment trial, but it was just too aggravating. Trump's attorneys' arguments are absurd. They might as well have just stipulated that everything the House Managers presented is factually true and rested their case. They know that most of the Senate Republicans are so frightened by their own constituents that there is nothing that would keep them from voting for acquittal. Worse, many of them will be completely backed up by the voters in their states. Those voters want a Boss Man, because they figure they'll personally never be harmed by it and that they'll personally be able to beat up, kill, and enslave the Bad People. Anyway, I gave up watching.

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After lunch, we went to Reno to try and do the shopping we'd planned to do yesterday. It did not go very well. Our first stop was the shoe store where we've been buying shoes for years. Lisa's shoes are worn out, and she needed to make sure the size she wanted fit correctly. They had the style and size on the shelf, and Lisa tried on the shoes herself without assistant. They were fine, so she put them back in the box and I tried to buy them. But the person behind the counter (who had been helping another customer while Lisa tried on shoes, which was fine with her) was both wearing her face covering below her nose, but she was coughing, and was removing her face mask to cough and then handling the box, taking the shoes out, and otherwise in our opinion contaminating the box and the air in the shop. That was too much for Lisa. She said, "Never mind," and we walked out. The woman seemed puzzled by our attitude.

We went back to the van, liberally applied hand sanitizer, and tried to go to Raley's grocery store. Which was packed almost as busy as it was before Christmas. Is the approaching President's Day holiday weekend (which I don't get; Monday is not a holiday for my company) that big a deal? Particularly after the rattling experience with the shoe store, this was just too much for us. We went home, once again foiled.

We'll have to decide whether to try to go back to the shoe store on a day when someone else is there, or to give up and order by mail.