February 13th, 2021

Not Sensible

Expected Result

So, as expected, most of the Republican members of the US Senate decided that it was more important to be loyal to Great Glorious Dear Leader in Exile Trump than to convict him for inciting a mob of traitors to kill the members of Congress, the Vice President, and to end the American Republic and set up a dictatorship under his Glorious Highness Donald Trump, i.e. King Donald I of Trumplandia.

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Again, this is not the end, and our republic is definitely still not safe for democracy. Free countries have fallen after initial attempts to destroy their governments. We have to remain vigilant, and we need to keep hammering on Republicans for their attempts to destroy the American republic. We need to get rid of the filibuster, pass a new expanded Voting Rights Act, give statehood to at least Puerto Rico (if they vote for it) and maybe DC, and certainly Uncap the House and increase its membership to where it should be if it hadn't been frozen at 435 a century ago. (I propose 690 based on the cube-root rule, but that's arguing details.) We really don't have that much time. The traitors who want to destroy the American Republic will be encouraged by Trump's acquittal in the Senate, and they will be back for another round of sedition.