February 15th, 2021

Gavel of WSFS

Early Arrivals

We don't yet know when this year's WSFS Business Meeting will be or what form it will take, but we are starting to get submissions of new business, including constitutional amendments. As the Parliamentarian, I am working with people submitting business to make sure that it is in the correct format and that the wording of the proposal accomplishes what the makers want it to accomplish. Obviously, I can't discuss any specific proposal until it is published as part of the draft agenda, and even when I do, it will only be to discuss the technical aspects of the proposals. Although I'm not in the ordinary "chain of command" of the Business Meeting, I think it best to avoid giving an opinion about the merits of any given proposal. That doesn't mean I can't vote on them in the end, just that I need to stay relatively neutral, especially when I'm the person writing their material.