February 16th, 2021

Fernley House

Burrito Weather

By now, most of you will probably have seen this picture that demonstrates the weather in North America about now.

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I do feel for the folks in the blue zone, especially those farther south, who don't get temperatures like this. It's affecting the other people on the small team on which I work on my Day Jobbe, as one of them down in Texas has lost power due to the cold-imposed blackouts. It's about +10°C here today, while it's closer to -10°C at her home in Texas. Now -10 is pretty cold here in Fernley, too, but it happens fairly regularly in these parts and we can cope with it by putting more wood on the fire. Indeed, having an wood-burning fireplace (the insert type, not open-hearth) and not a pellet stove is one of our adaptations here. A pellet stove needs electricity. If we lose power here at Fernley House, the fireplace will still keep us warm, and also can be used in a pinch for cooking. During the cold months, I typically will heat up a pan of soup on top of the wood stove, for example, rather than putting it in the microwave oven. It takes longer, but it uses the heat I was already generating.

I guess I'm being self-consciously rustic here, but in my heart, I'm still a kid from the backwoods, and my childhood home was heated by wood (and electricity, and propane gas, just like my current home), so I'm accustomed to it. I've adapted further by using the pressed-sawdust fire logs rather than cordwood for convenience and efficiency. Which reminds me that I'd better order another pallet of Pres-to-logs from Big R if I don't want to get really cold next week.