March 1st, 2021

Kevin and Lisa

Trailer Talk

Yesterday afternoon, Lisa went to take some things out to the travel trailer. Soon thereafter, she came back in to tell me bad news: the door to the trailer wouldn't open.

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The company that sold those door latch assemblies no longer makes them. Also, Kit Manufacturing (the company that made the trailer) ceased operations years ago, after a more-than-fifty-year run. The door latch is a pretty standard part, though, and we found others online. Lisa is concerned that what are already not-that-great assemblies made from "pot metal" will be even worse from "generic" replacements. We ordered one. If it seems serviceable enough, we'll probably buy another. With some parts, we feel obliged to always keep spares on hand because if they fail, you need a replacement now, not two weeks from now or maybe never if the manufacturer says, "We don't make that anymore."