March 10th, 2021

Kevin and Lisa

Nevada Outback Trip, Part 2: The Road Much Less Traveled

When we left off our tale of a trip into the Nevada Outback, we had just come down from the Project Shoal site and initially planned to go straight home, but we changed our plans.

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After making it to Hawthorne, we went down to the rest area at the north end of town, then turned back north, stopping briefly at Safeway (we had packed our masks just in case) to get something to eat and drink, then turned for home.

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We got home just after dark. I'm glad we made this trip, although I think I might have been happier if we'd done it the previous day so that I could sleep in the following morning instead of getting back to the Day Jobbe at 4:30 AM on Monday morning. Still, it was an interesting trip, especially if you like stark desert basin-and-range country. And aside from the little bit in Hawthorne, we didn't have to worry about social distancing.