March 11th, 2021

Snow Day

Hail and Snow

In contrast to the spring-like weather we had during our Nevada Outback Tour, the last couple of days have seen a return to a winter pattern.

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This evening, we're getting more snow. I'm not complaining, though. I'm lucky that we have a good food supply in place except for things like milk and other perishables, and even that is tolerable. Yesterday afternoon during the light snow, I made a brief excursion to buy milk and collect the mail. I carefully drove to the store and had no problems because snow wasn't yet sticking to the roads and temperatures were still above freezing.

When we were making plans for this week, we initially considered trying to get to Reno this afternoon to do a grocery shopping run, but the weather canceled that. We're not concerned, though. Besides, I've been working enough time on Day Jobbe that I haven't really felt like going anywhere or doing anything once I've logged out for the day.