March 20th, 2021

Snow Day

Not So Fast

At about 5:30 AM, as I was enjoying a little bit of sleeping in from my normal working hours, I was awakened by the sound of icy "corn" snow being blown against the windows by hard wind. This is unusual, as the house is surprisingly well insulated against sound. (That's probably due to the nearby railroad. Also, it doesn't keep us from hearing the "Thumper" locomotives idling on the House Tracks.)

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After the sun rose and the temperatures climbed up to around 10°C, the ice all melted, as expected. But I was certainly glad that I'd set up the fireplace last night, as I could just light it off, wait a few minutes for the kindling wood to get going sufficiently, drop a couple of logs in the fire, and then go back to bed for an hour or so to let things warm up a bit.

The living room (which is also my home office and has been since we moved here) got warm enough, which is good because I had meetings of both of the fannish non-profit corporations on whose boards I serve, CanSMOF (Montreal Worldcon, World Fantasy Con, and SMOFCon) and SFSFC (multiple Worldcons, WFCs, CostumeCons, SMOFCons, and Westercons including Westercon 74 Tonopah). I'm Secretary of the latter. Once advantage of doing these meetings from home and having nothing scheduled to do immediately after them is that I was able to get the minutes done immediately thereafter while events were still fresh in my mind and then get the draft distributed to the board members and start the review process.

On the other hand, after both meetings were done and I had lunch, I found myself feeling very tired, and I went back to bed at 3:30 PM and slept for several hours. This past week of 10-plus-hour Day Jobbe days was hard on me, apparently. I'm glad I had no further commitments today, so I could get that extra rest.