April 13th, 2021

Hugo Logo

Hugo Finalist Day

Fortunately for me, I was able to squeeze an hour away from work from 8-9 AM this morning, which I spent formatting the 2021 Hugo Awards Finalists Announcement and adding the finalists to the 2021 Hugo Awards page. This always makes me nervous because while I did have an embargoed copy of the finalists, I wasn't supposed to post them before 11:30 AM EDT. I'm always afraid that I'm going to accidentally hit the publish button while I'm trying to format these things. Also, I do try to format things more or less the way we did the previous year (something most people don't have to worry about as they're not the long-term archive site), and that doesn't generally match the formatting of what we get, and besides, we're generally converting something like a Word document into HTML by cutting and pasting and then adding the various formatting, including trying to watch out for characters for which we should substitute an HTML equivalent like ä.

I think we got it mostly right this year, and I thank Cheryl Morgan for going in and cleaning up formatting in places where I'd made a mistake and also fixing some of the small corrections that were sent out shortly after DisCon III first issued the announcements.

We did get a question shortly after the results were posted asking why DC3's slides and graphics used their own Hugo award trophy cartoon instead of the actual official Hugo Award logo. The answer is, "We don't know." The logo is freely available for download from the Hugo Awards web site and you don't need permission to use it to describe the Hugo Awards, and even if you did, Worldcon committees are obviously licensed to use WSFS's service marks. You'd have to ask DC3 about their design decisions.