April 16th, 2021

Kreegah Bundalo


When I first woke up this morning, I thought, "Wow, that first Pfizer dose hit me harder than I thought it would," but after a little while, I realized that's mostly how I feel most Friday mornings, and after an hour or so I was more or less normal. The shoulder where the injection went in hurts (so does Lisa), but I get that with flu shots as well, so I'm not that concerned.

I haven't written about it much lately, but my right leg still isn't back to normal. The rash is mostly gone, but the site of the bite still is a bit sore, and I'm still getting fluid build-up in the leg, albeit nowhere near as much as shortly after the original bite and infection. One of the problems of getting older, of course, is that things take progressively longer to heal, and presumably my diabetes doesn't help.
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Home Cooking, Episode 16: Burger Time

One advantage to rarely going out to eat is that Lisa has been attempting to improve the variety of our meals. After we got out first Pfizer vaccinations on Thursday, we did some grocery shopping at Raley's, including getting relatively good quality ground beef. This evening, she mixed that meat with a seasoning mix we found at Cost Plus World Market and made hamburgers, cooking them in olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, and served on Dave's Killer Bread buns. Those were some of the best hamburgers we've ever had! They were nearly up to the standard of the fantastic high-end burger place at which we ate in Eagle, Colorado on the way back from the Kansas City Worldcon. (Alas, Expert Burger is now gone, so we won't be planning any trips to put us in Eagle for lunch to eat there.) I told Lisa they were great, and she allowed as she'd done well.