May 6th, 2021

Fernley House

Porch Mode Shift

The last wood fire of the season was only about a week ago, but it has not taken very long for the weather to turn warm. I reversed the ceiling fans today, and a couple of days ago, Lisa and I moved the small wood box off the front porch.

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See that tree behind the porch? About a week ago, it was nothing but bare stems. It's growing fast, which is why I never worry about cutting it back to a stub in the autumn. In a few weeks, it will be big and bushy, but that helps shade that part of the house. Yesterday, though, Lisa had to get the "poleaxe" (a saw blade on an extendable pole) and cut down a branch of one of the larger trees, which was annoying her with the branch banging against the travel trailer shelter whenever the wind blew. She'll trim it down and cut what's left into burnable sized pieces, which might be able to provide a bit of heat next autumn after they've dried out.
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