May 7th, 2021

Kevin and Lisa

Pfizer 2 Hit Us Like an Earthquake (Wait, that WAS an Earthquake!)

Yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I headed for Reno/Sparks for our second Pfizer vaccine dose. I got away from work early (after only eight hours, rather than my more typical 9-10 hours), so we also took the many boxes of glass bottles we'd been accumulating so that we could dump them at the facility in Reno. We'd noticed on our last pass through there that the big Twin City Surplus store in Reno where we had bought many things over the years has closed. It had previously shrunk in size by 50%, and it had looked to us that new owners had pivoted from the original military-surplus model to just buying cheap Chinese stuff from a distributor, so it was no surprise to us, and not as much of a loss as it could have been, for them to go out of business. Photos on Yelp show them having been evicted.

After dealing with the recycling, we headed for the Safeway store in Sparks, where we had an appointment for our second doses at their pharmacy. Although we were about an hour early for our appointment time, they were able to handle us. I wish I'd known that we'd need to submit the same waiver forms we'd done the first time around; I would have saved the PDFs from last time rather than having to fill them out again. I've saved those PDFs now, in case a round of booster shots is forthcoming.

The same pharmacist shot us up as last time. Lisa complained to me that instead of moving his rolling chair around to her right side (because she's mostly left handed, she prefers vaccinations be in her right shoulder), he hunched over her, so she felt the injection was less smooth than it should have been.

Rather than staying in the waiting area for the requested fifteen minutes, we did some grocery shopping, on the ground that if either of us had felt an unusual reaction, it would be easy enough to go back to the pharmacy area. Although we rarely shop at Safeway, they had given us 10% discount coupons, cross-marketing that worked for them in this case as we bought stuff that saved us a separate shopping trip. By the time we'd finished our shopping, the fifteen minute waiting period had ended, so we paid for our groceries and headed for home. We spent the evening sitting on our porch watching one of the local rabbits munch on the grass growing in the lot on the other side of our fence. (You go bunny! Eat them weeds!)

Yesterday evening around 9:30 PM, just as I was getting ready to shut off the computer and head for bed, I started feeling dizzy, as if I was shaking. At first I thought it was a strange reaction to the vaccination, but then I realized that I was shaking. It was an earthquake! There was no other obvious shaking, noise from the house, fixtures moving, etc. I checked the USGS earthquake site, and sure enough, there had been an earthquake northwest of Truckee and about 90 km west of Fernley. It was a 4.7 'quake, one of a swarm of three quakes in about a ten minute period, with the other two shakers being in the 3 range. Lisa said she thought it felt like a heavy freight train passing at just the right speed, something with which we are quite familiar, but there was no train. (As it happens, while I composed that last sentence, just such a train passed our house.)

This morning, my left shoulder feels a bit like I've been kicked by a mule; it seems worse than the previous dose, but I may be imagining it. I'm also slightly woozy, but that could still just be from not getting as much sleep last night as I should have thanks to the excitement of the earthquake.