May 8th, 2021

Kreegah Bundalo

Vaccine Recovery

Friday wasn't a great day for either Lisa or I. We weren't actively sick, but besides our arms hurting badly, we were both deeply tired. I was able to log out from the Day Jobbe by Noon, whereupon I fell into bed and slept for about four hours, after which I was up for a few hours and then got a full night's sleep. Both Lisa and I are feeling better today. I walked down to the Wigwam and got a take-out breakfast. Maybe later this year I'll feel safe enough to start going to restaurants for dine-in service again.

I booked our first hotel stays since January of 2020 yesterday: three nights at the new Belvada Hotel in Tonopah. Instead of going to Westercon (which as I hope you all know has been nominally postponed, canceled in the original Seattle location, and combined with Loscon 47 over Thanksgiving weekend at the LAX Marriott) this year, we're going to go to Tonopah and check out the hotel in which we intend to stay during Westercon 74 next year. Indeed, we'll actually be there during part of what were the original Westercon 74 dates, but now we'll get to see what Tonopah is like over Independence Day weekend, and we'll be able to report on the new hotel.