May 20th, 2021

Sir Maskalot

Immunity Day?

Today it will have been two weeks since Lisa and I received our second Pfizer vaccine shots. In theory, that means we're free of needing masks in most situations. In practice, because there's no way I can trust that any other maskless person is immunized, I anticipate that we'll be still wearing our masks for a while now. Indeed, given the ideological makeup of the people around here, I rather expect that the Covidiots who weren't wearing masks anyway will be delighted and I hear them crowing already on Facebook. I do fear another big outbreak as the anti-vaxxers and Covidiots pour gasoline on the embers of the pandemic. As I've said before, I really don't care if they all kill themselves, but I don't see why they think they have the right to take me with them.

And in the meantime, as I look around and see a whole lot of cottonwood seeds blowing in the wind, I think a face mask to reduce seasonal hay fever is a good idea anyway. Also, I haven't had a cold in 18 months, and I rather like that.

I wish we could get the vaccinated population up to the 80%-plus we need to have a chance of getting and keeping herd immunity, but I'm pessimistic when such a large part of the population are science-deniers who think public health is just politics and that that Strong people never get sick anyway, so it's only the Weak who get sick and they should die anyway, and quickly, too.