June 6th, 2021


A Virtue of Necessity

Lisa has been up nights of late, avoiding the heat by sleeping during the day, and of course I normally have to be up before dawn for the Day Jobbe anyway, so we took advantage of this by heading to Reno to do our grocery shopping. WinCo is open 24 hours anyway, and getting there before 7 AM on a Sunday made shopping a breeze, as customers were outnumbered by people finishing overnight restocking, and we mainly had to dodge pallet movers.

It was still pretty quiet when we decided to go have a look inside one of the places we hadn't visited since before the pandemic: the Atlantis Hotel-Casino, which some of you will remember as the building connected to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, site of the 2011 Worldcon. We tried to go there once during the depths of the pandemic, not to gamble, but to buy a take-out meal from one of the restaurants; however, the way they caused people to bunch up at the doors to have their temperatures taken (thus violating social distancing and substituting a form of "safety theatre") caused us to balk.

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We weren't there to eat this morning, just to check the place out in anticipation of returning again. There are some pandemic protections like putting plexiglass separators between slot machines and at some of the gaming tables that we hope that they will retain.

Although we got most of the things for which we were shopping at WinCo, there were other things that it took trips to three other stores to get. We've had to take the Wedge Parkway Raley's off of our regular rotation because the rebuild into an O-N-E Market has led to them dropping many things we regularly purchased. Fortunately, some of the other Raley's store have most of the other items. (However, not all of them, and it takes trial and error to find out which of their stores have which things.)

By the time we got home, it was near the end of Lisa's "day" and I was pretty tired myself. After having some lunch, I fell into bed for several hours in the middle of the day. For the past week or so, the midday heat has driven me to a state of lethargy, and several times I've taken a siesta, which seems like a good adaption to the hot weather.