June 12th, 2021

Kevin and Lisa

Traffic Jam at the Landfill

Lisa and I decided to take another load of recycling over to Fallon on Saturday, but when we got there we found a backup. There was a long queue of vehicles with things to dispose of at the transfer station scale, where you pay to dump things. The line of vehicles blocked the access to the recycling area. (You don't pay to recycle stuff.) After idling in the queue for a while, Lisa got an idea. With me holding station, she got out and started taking bags of recycling one or two at a time from the minivan to the recycling area. It only took a few minutes — during which time I'd moved forward a single car length — for her to get all of the cans and plastic dumped into the appropriate bins. We then could exit the queue, turn around, and head for home, stopping in Fallon to refuel the minivan because gas prices are slightly cheaper in Fallon than in Fernley. Again, not much excitement, and it probably costs about between two and three gallons' worth of a gasoline just to go do this errand, but it got us out of the house for a while. Not long now and we can start traveling for real.