June 13th, 2021

Conrunner Kevin

Learing Video Editing by Doing

I continue to spend time working on a project about which I'll talk more at a later time once we've done more with it, but that involves a lot of video editing. I keep trying to learn how to use features in Adobe Premiere, and hope to be able to remember how to do them the next time I need a particular effect. I find that it's taking me about an hour to produce one minute of completed video, including time putting in the various photos and drawings that are illustrating the material I'm discussing in the videos.

The WSFS Business Meeting video is a bit easier, at least the way we've been doing it, because we're not including much of anything other than the actual video. That is, most of the time there's not much editing necessary, and I mainly am using Premiere to convert from the high-end Pansasonic P2 files to MP4 for uploading to YouTube, and once I realized that it wasn't necessary to use Premiere's default rate, the conversion time improved considerably. Also, of course getting a modern machine with a dedicated video card (mainly aimed at computer gamers, but also useful here) means that what used to take multiple hours to convert only takes maybe 15-20 minutes. We'll see how well this goes at Worldcon this year. The bottleneck is likely to be how long it takes to upload the Business Meeting videos after they are converted. It will depend on what the hotel's internet upload speed is, or whether the convention is able to provide something faster, like we had in Spokane in 2015.