September 1st, 2021


Trip to the Smoke

Lisa asked if we could go to Reno today because there was something she wanted to get from a store before it closed at 5. Work is still running flat-out, but I put stuff aside and we went into town. We got the first thing, then tried going to Home Depot for the second, which they didn't have, and that meant back-tracking to Lowe's Reno (Fernley carries the things she wanted, but were sold out). Then we got the idea to try going to the Raley's O-N-E Market. Some of you may recall how disappointed we were with it when they rebuilt and re-marketed it. We're still not that pleased with their selection, and if the lack of customers was any indication, so are a lot of their other customers. However, they've managed to recover some things in stock, and it turns out that they have things that we like that the other Raley's in the area do not. It's annoying to have to go to half a dozen different grocery stores, sometimes in the same chain, just to get all of the things we wanted.

The smoke that had moved in this afternoon cleared significantly as we drove into Reno, giving us an amazing (and frightening) view of the smoke plume coming off of the Dixie fire to the northwest. To the southwest, a much more diffuse cloud of smoke from the Caldor Fire (now approaching the Nevada state line south of Lake Tahoe) loomed over the city. I hear on the news that evacuees from the Lake Tahoe area are now being housed at the Reno Convention Center. Those of you who attended the 2011 Worldcon will of course remember that as the site of the convention. There is high fire danger across the whole region, but Fernley is still far away from the areas currently burning.