September 4th, 2021


Restarting the Patio Project

As some of you who follow me may recall, last year about this time, Lisa undertook to remove the rotting boards on the small deck outside the back door at Fernley House. She got partway through this project before the weather put the whole thing on hold, and we covered it over with plywood so nobody would trip into it. We didn't get back to is last spring. As Labor Day is the end of summer and the weather has cooled back down to where we can get outside during daylight hours, and as the wildfire smoke has dissipated somewhat, it was time to restart the project.

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It will be nice to have this project completed. We might even start barbecuing things again. However, we'll have to be vigilant: because of the way winds swirl around the house, this area traps a lot of leaves and other debris.