September 5th, 2021

Trains, Wonderful Trains

Trains in Fallon

The last time we were in Fallon, we saw a rail-served facility there that looked interesting. While searching for other information about railroads in Nevada, I stumbled over information about that facility, and today we decided to drive over to Fallon on a quiet holiday weekend when there wouldn't be anyone to complain about us taking pictures.

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After photographing the magnesium carbonate reload, we started to make our way out of town, whereupon we stopped again to take more photos. I forgot to take any with my phone, but Lisa took a bunch of them and some video, which we will post later. What was saw was a large high sided rail car with one end hinged open and a person running a Bobcat loader driving into the car and coming back out with a front-loader full of a powdery substance that he dumped into a hopper truck. (I noted that he was wearing a respirator against the dust. Maybe you have to be able to see something to believe that you have to wear a mask to keep from inhaling it.) We couldn't figure out what they were loading; however, it was presumably relatively important given they they were doing it on a holiday weekend Sunday. In this case, the direction of the reloading was from rail to road, as opposed to the magnesia down the line.

From there it was on to Hazen, where we stopped to take photos of some railroad equipment that has been parked there for what seems years.

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I did not take pictures, but this spot in Hazen is also a rail reloading site, and it appears that they transfer the same fuzzy-looking stuff we saw the Bobcat moving earlier in Fallon. I forgot to take pictures of it, but it had a cotton-like texture to it. A little searching online and a suggestion from Lisa revealed that it was cottonseed, which is used in cattle feed. It's being brought in here in bulk carloads and transloaded to be used to mix in with other material to feed the large number of cattle raised in the Fallon area.

This was an interesting day if you are interested in railroads and the products they move and how they move them. I'm glad we had the opportunity to go have a look at it and get some photos.