September 12th, 2021


Air Clearing

We had thunderstorms on Thursday night/Friday morning that cleared the air considerably, and it's stayed clear through the weekend.

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Lisa and I went to Reno/Sparks to go grocery shopping, but Sunday afternoon is not a great time for doing so the way early on a Saturday morning would have been. WinCo's parking lots were so full that we balked entirely and continued on to Raley's in Sparks, where things were not only less crowded, but most of the customers and all of the employees were taking the mask mandate seriously. That makes us feel safer as well, and I made a point of telling the clerk at our checkout stand (who was double-masked) that I appreciated him wearing his mask properly, covering both his nose and mouth, and not wearing it below his chin the way so many other people seem to do.

I managed to get completely caught up on sleep this weekend, which of course means that I'm having trouble getting wound down enough to go to sleep tonight, and thus I'm apt to be wrong-footed on Monday.