September 19th, 2021

Tonopah Westercon

The Road to Home

This morning we took advantage of the microwave oven, refrigerator, and coffee maker in our hotel room at the Jim Butler Inn & Suites by cooking breakfast (from material we purchased last night at Raley's and also from some other supplies we brought with us for this trip). We did not rush before packing out of the room.

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We went across the street so I could buy a coffee from the Belvada Coffee shop, but I balked due to poor mask usage there. When I came back outside, I found a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk. I wrestled with whether I should keep it. Had it been a $10 bill, I would have done so, but I though that there's a chance that money was more crucial to whoever dropped it than to me. I took it to the Belvada's front desk and turned it in. I hope whoever dropped it tries checking with the Belvada. I spent much of the drive home trying to decide if I should regret not keeping that $100.

We refueled the minivan at Rebel Oil north of downtown. Again, this is a no-frills cardlock station off the main street, with prices more than ten cents/gallon less than any of the other stations in town. Then we set our course for home. The only issue we on the drive was that even when I was driving at the 70 mph speed limit, there were a lot of people who wanted to pass me. Whenever possible, I used turnouts and opportunities to let them by me. Sometimes that wasn't enough, and one person nearly forced me off the road as they buzzed around me so they could go whizzing off at probably 90 just before the highway went into Luning (where we stopped briefly at the rest area), which has a 35 mph speed limit. It's one of those times I wish there were state police monitoring places like this and ticketing people driving so recklessly.

It's about 200 miles from Tonopah to Fernley. Google Maps (which is insane) says it should take just over 3 hours. We did it in 3 1/2 hours, which is pretty good time by our standards.

I'm glad we got away for the weekend, but we're tired now.