September 21st, 2021


Last Day of Summer

It's actually felt pretty autumnal since September 1, which suits me just fine. Looks like it's time to clean out the swamp cooler and repaint the bottom to prevent rust, to buy our first load of firewood, and to make an appointment to have our chimney swept.

Day Jobbe is still very intense, but we were overdue for grocery shopping. The problem with my working ten-hour days is that instead of heading for Reno about 2 PM, it's after 4 PM and we get heavier traffic. Fortunately we were mostly counter-commute. After going to WinCo Food, we could have gone straight home, but the online traffic maps showed that of both of the likely routes would have put us into a multi-mile backup, so instead we went to the Raley's O-N-E in south Reno. By the time we were done there and made our way back up to Sparks on Veteran's Parkway, the congestion had dispersed and it was a pretty quick trip home.