Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

What, Again?

The Second Trump Impeachment Trial wound up the prosecution's initial case five hours early, and my Day Jobbe lasted only eight hours today, so Lisa and were going to run to Reno to get the groceries from Raley's that we forgot last week. But there was a hitch in the schedule.

Another Flat Tire

It was another flat tire on the Astro. This time it was the front left; the previous one was the right front. So out came the tools again, and Lisa and I dismounted the flat and put the mini-spare on the van. We elected to leave the van on its jack, albeit just a centimeter or two above the ground, as we didn't plan to drive the van on the mini-spare. We loaded the flat tire into the Rolling Stone, and headed for Big O Tires in Sparks.

The initial plan had been to leave the tire with Big O to be fixed while we went shopping at Raley's, but with the delays getting the tire off and the mini-spare on, by the time we got to Big O, it was nearly 4 PM, and they close at 5. There wouldn't be enough time to get to Raley's, do our shopping, and get back before they closed. (They did say they'd have the tire done before 5.) So we did one shorter errand, came back to Big O, sat in the RV for a while, and collected the repaired tire.

Unlike the previous flat, which was clearly due to a single road hazard (a screw picked up by the tire), this was the result of a slow leak caused by crud getting into the wheel-tire interface and eventually affecting the seal. They cleaned it up and checked for other leaks (there were none), so we should be okay now.

By the time we got this all done, we were not up to doing the grocery shopping. I still have to be up at 4:30 AM tomorrow for the Day Jobbe, so we headed for home. We got home as it was getting dark, and as we don't need the van until tomorrow, decided to leave everything as it was and put the repaired tire on tomorrow.
Tags: astro, minivan, rolling stone, rv, tire

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