Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Masking Up for a Trip

Yesterday was the first day I used the new DemeTECH N95 mask from the supply we recently bought, because we had to go out on a short trip.

American Made Mask

Sorry about the dark cloud over my head. Ever since the glass on the phone broke and I had it replaced, selfies don't image at the top unless I manage to hold the glass down just right with one hand while pushing the photo button with the other, and that's difficult to pull off.

Doubling Up

In keeping with recent guidance, I'm wearing a cloth Westercon 74 face mask (currently 15% off using code HELLOSAVINGZ, hint, hint) over the N95 mask. If you're wondering why the two photos are so far apart in time, it's because the first photo I took with the cloth mask was out of focus and I didn't notice until I looked at it in Flickr later.

Our big trip: taking the last several months' worth of plastic and aluminum recycling to the transfer station in Fallon, because the station here in Fernley is hopeless and because there's no provision for pickup of recycling around here. (We get one bin, and it all goes into the same tip.) Yes, our big day out was to drive to the dump. This shows you what little it takes to amuse us in a pandemic.

Actually dumping the recycling was uneventful, although we'd left it accumulate for so long that we nearly filled up their aluminum, plastic #1, and plastic #2 bins. Lisa had never been over here before, so we also drove over some alternative routes. This led to me discovering what was on the big hill near the transfer station (a raceway, as it turns out) before we headed for home.
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