Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Convention Season

Not too long from now, I'm apt to be attending several conventions virtually on behalf of Westercon 74. I would of course prefer to be at conventions in person, but I still don't know how long it will be before such things can happen. I hope by early November (World Fantasy Con) or December (SMOFCon, and possibly Worldcon if they can get untangled from the bankrupt hotel). I'm still fairly confident that July 2022 will be safe for in-person conventions, though, and I still want to encourage people to come to Tonopah ("Where social distancing is a way of life") next year, so I need to show up and be available for people attending virtual conventions like Norwescon and of course Westercon 73 this July.
Tags: conventions, westercon

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