Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Time for a Trim

My hair was getting very shaggy on the back and sides, enough to be really annoying. As I'm nearly bald on top now, I had to decide whether I planned on someday auditioning for the Ben Franklin role in the musical 1776 and grow my hair down to my shoulders on the sides. I decided to get a haircut. Nevada allows barbers to serve customers, with precautions. My barber has a single-chair shop (it's actually a converted room in a 50's-era roadside motel on Main Street), and she has been good about only allowing one person at a time in the shop, allowing extra time for cleaning, and so forth. She had time for me this afternoon, so shortly after Lisa and I returned from refilling the large propane bottle, I walked down to A Little Off the Top and got a haircut.

Sir Maskalot Sir Maskalot

It was the warmest day of the year here so far, and I didn't need a jacket to go outside. You can see how sunny it was by how my glasses darkened. I decided to take these selfies outdoors, standing in front of the front door and out in front of the house in front of the outside of the fireplace.

I couldn't wear the N95 mask because it has horizontal behind-the-head straps, but I did wear one of the US-made DemeTECH surgical masks (to protect me) with a cloth Westercon 74 Tonopah mask (to protect others) over it.

As usual, I over-tipped my barber. She charges $12 for the trim I need, and helpfully also trimmed my eyebrows, which had grown so shaggy that they'd occasionally foul my eyelashes, which is annoying. I think giving her $20 for good service and hazard pay is the right choice. Besides, she obviously can't serve as many people with the extra time she has to allow between customers and with not being able to serve "walk-in" customers, so I reckon if I want to keep having a good barber within a five minute walk of my house, I should be prepared to pay a bit extra now.
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