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Stepping Along

This morning, just after sunrise, Lisa and I drove into Reno to do some grocery shopping. Lisa has been mostly sleeping days of late (yesterday we were so out of sync that we never saw each other awake) and so this was near the end of her "day" and the beginning of mine. We had a bit of a delay due to frost on the windshield, and we could not find the frost scraper, but we got it settled. Grocery shopping at 8 AM on a Sunday was a less stressful experience than when the stores are crowded, but on the other hand, Lisa was fading.

When we got home and got the groceries unloaded, Lisa decided that the loose step board on the south steps had to be fixed sooner rather than later. This is one of the boards we replaced last year, and after some investigation, Lisa determined that three of the four screws were in bad wood in the underlying beam. She left those in place (so there wouldn't be holes in the step) and drove four additional screws into areas where there is good wood on which the screws would bite. It's much more solid now and we don't have to worry about the board turning under our feet. With that done, Lisa could relax and get ready for bed.

Lisa did have a role for me to play in this repair: when she was ready to drill the new screws, she had me stand on the step so that it wouldn't wobble. Glad to be of service.
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