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Friday in Reno

I had (most) of today off, so once I got the hour of "morning work" done at Day Jobbe, Lisa and I went to Reno to do some shopping. First off was a trip to Staples, where I had $20 in store credit (earned from turning in empty ink cartridges that had accumulated for some years) that was about to expire. There I bought a new small shredder. I needed a new one because I managed to break the old one with a credit card. The old shredder had put paid to many credit cards in the past, so when I was sent a replacement for my IHG MasterCard, I did not expect anything different when I fed the old one into the shredder. To my horror, I discovered the hard way that the old card wasn't made of plastic, but of metal! I had no idea anyone had made a metal credit card. It went partway into the shredder, which started making horrible popping noises. I tried reversing the shredder, but it was too late. The card had actually caused the shredder to break its back trying to digest the card, and we gave it up as a total loss. The new shredder is very light duty, but doesn't cost much, and of course cost $20 less by using the store credit.

We had a brief stop at Whole Foods Market, but most of the groceries were from the Raley's in South Reno before heading for home, but we did have to detour to Scolari's because they have a certain variety of canned mushrooms that Lisa likes (and that are US grown, unlike almost every other brand) and that is only sold at Scolari's

In the afternoon, Lisa and I worked on a project about which I'll talk later, and then I had a meeting with people who asked for my help in setting up a non-profit corporation — not an SF/F related one, but I've done this enough now that I'm pretty good at it. However, I've had to read new laws, as my past experience has been with California and Alberta, so I needed to get the references from Nevada's non-profit corporation law. The people with whom I met this afternoon seemed impressed, so it looks like I'm going to find myself on the board of yet another 501(c)(3) corporation for a little while at least.
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