Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Less Swelling, More Inflammation

Things with the Big Bite are both better and worse today.

Leg Show, Day 5

This morning it was much easier to get out of bed, as there was significantly less pain. My right leg is again slightly less swollen. Flabby calves might normally be a good thing, but in my current condition anything that the drum-tight swelling in as improvement.

Leg Show, Day 5

On the other hand, the inflammation is spreading. The first photo below was taken on March 30. The second, of approximately the same area, was taken today, April 2:

Spider Bite Leg Show, Day 5

The thing is, this doesn't hurt, and the skin, while red, isn't as warm to the touch as it was. The area around what is presumably the bite site is a bit hard to the touch, but aside from itching (which it does a lot and I'm trying to refrain from scratching it), it doesn't hurt.

Lisa suggests that the swelling is from the infection, which the antibiotics may be tackling, while the redness is from the insect venom itself, which is inflaming the skin but not otherwise doing a lot of harm, sort of like a rash from poison oak. If so, that's encouraging.

Oh, and yes, I can still feel my toes and my feet, especially my soles, and there are no sores or any signs of damage. I'm very attached to my legs, and I want to stay attached to them!
Tags: feet, legs, medical

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