Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon 74 Merchandise

In preparation for yesterday's Westercon 74 meeting, I realized that while I long ago created a Zazzle storefront for Westercon 74 merchandise (and then changed it when the dates changed), and then I mentioned it on the convention's Facebook and Twitter feeds, I never put anything on the convention web site about it! There is now a page touting our official Westercon 74 merchandise, with pointers to the Zazzle store. I personally have the t-shirt, polo shirt, can cooler, mouse pad, and cloth face mask.

In answer to a question raised at the meeting yesterday: the cloth masks are double-layered, but do not have a pocket in them. You could, however, modify them by carefully slicing the inner layer to make a pocket between the two layers, between which you could put additional filter matter. Personally, I wear mine over an N95 mask per the double-masking recommendations.
Tags: tonopah, westercon

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