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Decisions, Money

Looking through the smog-check and vehicle registration paperwork last night, I noticed that the state has a program where they will pay for the repairs to my van to bring it back into compliance, regardless of my income. (I make way too much to qualify on income grounds.) There is a $100 deductible that I have to pay, but the first place I took the van was going to charge that just to diagnose the problem, let alone do any work.

On the other hand, it says that it can take up to six weeks to get a response on the application -- you have to apply for the coverage and wait for a reply before spending any money -- and the registration is due in about eight weeks. And I don't like putting off re-registering to the last minute because then you may not get the renewal sticker before the current one runs out, which means you risk getting cited for expired registration stickers. Also, the smog-check place (which charged $100 to do the test in the first place) will give one free re-test, but only if done within thirty days. Arrgh!

Meanwhile, I called the factory-authorized service center on the stereo/DVD system. They say there is a minimum $50 charge. I got their address and will take the player there this morning on the way to the office. (It's considerably out of the way to do so, like about twenty miles, but such is life, and at least traffic shouldn't be too bad.)

On account of the conference call I have this evening, I don't expect to be at basfa tonight.

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