Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Reno Recycling

I had today off today, so Lisa and I took a drive into Reno to look for a place we can take our accumulated glass for recycling. As you may recall, nowhere in my own county or in the next county east of us accepts glass for recycling. We took just one box of glass with us today. We found the location. To my bemusement, they're using "single stream" recycling, where you just dump everything — glass, plastic, aluminum, steel cans, and even cardboard — into a single bin. That seems wasteful to me, but we dumped the box of bottles (and the cardboard box itself, once I'd flattened it per the instructions) into the bin. When we have another chance, we'll take the rest of the bottles (and we've got a lot of them) into the facility and dump them as well, which will free up space in the house. I'm thinking we may still take all other recycling to the facility in Fallon, which is segregated by different types and seems to me like a more effective way of actually getting the material recycled.
Tags: recycling

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